Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

My cat Devlin checking out the rain
I'm thankful we got rain to wash the pollen out of the year.

I'm thankful my blog hit 25,000 pageviews this week! I'd only gotten 3,000 last April, so 22.000 are this year alone. (That 3,000 was from May 09 when blogger started recording stats until April 2011. So you can see I picked up a little, lol.)

I'm thankful Ryan had a job interview this week and also is supposedly starting training for a job on Tuesday (the same job that was supposed to start training on the 9th and rescheduled, so we'll see).

I'm thankful my Ryan's birthday is this weekend! He'll be 26.

I'm thankful that I'm hanging out with my best friend Tabitha as I type this! I'm hitting wifi with my netbook while her son Jordan naps.

I'm thankful for weddings and babies.

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  1. I'll be praying that the interview goes well! :)

  2. hope all goes well with the interview, or that training truly does start!

    thanks for linking up :)


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