Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review: Sammy and His Shepherd by Susan Hunt

This is an adorable book!

It's set up in short chapter format, each chapter heading is a line from Psalm 23. The story tells about how Sammy the sheep, who belongs to the good shepherd, befriends a sheep in the pasture next door. Each short chapter heading is a line from Psalm 23, and the chapter expands upon the verse within the story context. The book is set up for the child and the adult reading the book to them to discuss the Biblical themes as the story progresses. Suggested talking points are included for each chapter at the end of the book.

This is a lovely little book for children. But honestly, I found it very encouraging as well! The sweet lessons learned by Sammy and the other sheep are very true and as comforting as Christians have found Psalm 23 throughout the ages. I encourage you to read this book with your children, I believe you both would benefit.

I am receiving this book free from Reformation Trust in exchange for my unbiased review.

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