Thursday, May 24, 2012

Couch to 5K: Catching-Up Again!

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was re-starting the C25K, but I actually didn't do it right away. I officially restarted on Tuesday, April 24th, and did a week one workout.

Here I am, ready and eager to start day one.
I brought my camera with me and took some pictures for you!

Why did the chicken cross the road?
to join the other free range chickens at my neighbor's house!
I did what I did last time, and the next workout (two days later) I did week two. I went in intending to do week two, but also prepared to drop it back to week one if I needed to... I didn't, but it was a little more difficult than day one had been.

the sunrise on the rose garden
So I decided to try for a week three workout the next time. I was quite prepared to drop back to week two if I needed to, but I didn't at all. In fact, the first week three workout was easier than the week two workout had been. I think perhaps it was cooler out?

I determined, however, that I'd do a second week three workout before moving on to week four.  That was more difficult, actually, than the first W3 had been. However I also did it an hour or two later into the day, so it was quite warm.

I decided two W3 workouts were enough, and moved on to week four.

I gloried in it and it was actually really fun. It's exciting to feel your body getting very tangibly into better shape....

a (thankfully friendly) yellow dog that thought I was interesting
Then my next workout was supposed to be the morning of my sister Alison's graduation, but we had to leave the house very early to get there and we didn't get back until pretty late at night.

Then Sunday I went to church, and the next thing you know days have gone by...

I kept waking up too late (it's heating up too fast these days) and then it was also storming...

Then I got really sick, and since I've recovered I've needed more sleep, which equals not getting up early enough again.

So I was sitting here thinking, what am I going to blog about today?

that euphoric sweat-pouring-from-pores
triumphant I-did-it endorphin high
And suddenly it seemed obvious. Because you see I've been holding off from publishing this until I finished week four again, since that's where I left off last time.

But I also realized that by holding back on publishing it, I was holding back on my accountability.  By getting this out there, I am publically letting you all know that I have indeed restarted, and I do indeed intend on finishing this time.

So today is Wednesday... if I don't have another update for you by next Thursday morning, please come and heckle me.


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