Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Blessed

I hate uncertainty. I hope one day to be able to say like Paul that I've mastered contentment no matter my circumstances.. but I can't say that yet.

Nothing is going wrong, per se, this week or even month. It's just as I sit here and contemplate what to write I am gripped by my sheer uncertainty.

So here's to trusting God one day at a time.

And this week for "I'm Blessed", God, I want to thank you for those things in my life I don't know are blessings. God, I know you work it all out for the good of those of us who love you. So I know that in my life right now there are circumstances that I don't understand are good for me, but they are... For these I give you thanks.

I also give you thinks for all the obvious blessings: my health, my Ryan, my family, my friends, my pets, etc.

(Right before I published this, my mom came in with a 4-6 week old kitten! I'll tell you about that adventure later.)

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