Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Siiiicckkkk

Me, recovering
You know how to say that, right? With a long drawn out whine?

I woke up Tuesday morning with a sore throat and no voice. After some hot tea with honey, I regained my voice (a bit froggy). An hour or two later, I began having... rapid dispelling of waste materials? That sounds politically correct enough.

At this time, my family was going to the store and I asked them to get me gatorade and I settled in with bananas and cheez-its...

Then I began vomiting... and continued the rapid dispelling. Simultaneously.

Every half hour or so. For twelve hours.

I also developed a fever.

The night was miserable. I found the only thing to cut the nausea down was dousing myself with cold water and lying in the air conditioner... so I was shivering and my teeth were chattering, but my temperature was 101. It evaporated in about five minutes and I'd have to douse myself again. But this cut  the half hour down to like forty-five minutes, and that was a huge improvement.

This water dousing enabled me to be comfortable enough to sleep for five, ten, twenty minute intervals.

By the morning the vomiting had stopped and I could keep down sips of ice water. 24 hours since the first round passed before I was adventurous to try anything else, which was ice cold sprite.

A few hours later I had half a handful of oyster crackers.

I ate more crackers, and even expanded my food intake to include gatorade and plain toast.

After 36 straight hours, my fever finally broke.

Today I woke up coughing. And I keep coughing. And sneezing too. And my phlegm? It's not nicely colored.

I ache. It hurts to move. Especially my neck. And coughing forces your whole body to tense and jerk.

Now I've added Mom's homemade chicken soup to the food I've eaten.

I actually feel worse today than yesterday.... but I'm eating more and I have no fever, so I am recovering.

Plus I actually feel well enough to type this. The first day I literally had to take breaks in the middle of text messages to get the energy to finish typing!

So I don't know when I'll write you again... hopefully you understand!

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