Monday, May 7, 2012

Stormy Day

Today I was supposed to come on and give you a great post about the wonderful time I had yesterday celebrating my little sister Alison's graduation from college. And I did have a great time, but that post will have to wait.

Because today has been acrazy emotionally exhausting storm of a day.

I think the best way to express it is a list:

  • I was unable to contact my ride for church this morning. Apparently they came by my house (when I was awake?) and I totally let them down. It's complicated, but I feel awful for letting them down.
  • I really messed up and sinned.
  • I found out our cat Cinnamon has been having seizures.
  •  Tabitha messaged me. She was in labor and delivery last night with contractions. They were able to stabilize her enough to send her home; she's only 26 weeks! It's way too early for her twins to come. (Please pray!)
  • Ryan and I fought ALL. DAY. LONG.  We'd think we had it resolved, only to find it wasn't. We're okay now, and honestly it's just one of those reoccurring fights caused by differences in our personalities. God's just got to come in and change us somehow. We need your intervention, Lord! But we still love each other and want to marry each other and are hopeful. And honestly, I don't think the rest of the events of the day helped me be the best me in this fight.
  • I was accused of lying by an online community to which I belong.
  •  I shut Sophie the dog in the recliner. Yes, that's right IN the recliner. She got under my legs and I shut her in the recliner when I went to stand up. She's okay, but only by the grace of God! There are so many metal parts and they could crushed her poor little bones! That freaked me out.
  • At one point I cried and when I went to wipe my tears, I got red pepper from my finger in my eye. Talk about adding insult to injury!

It's just been one thing after another and now it's 9:20 at night and I'm finally going to eat dinner... after I make it. So love to you all, and tomorrow hopefully my post will be a bit more upbeat! Prayers appreciated! Storms do blow over!

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