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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday (and a Recipe!)

This week I'm being pretty health conscious, working on the Couch to 5K (almost caught up to my previous progress, I'll update you when I get there) and having a personal fitness challenge. So I'm very thankful to God for my strong and young body and making me able to be active.
I'm also thankful for being able to make small strides towards being healthier in my eating. Here's a recipe I'm thankful for, a delicious and simple baked apple recipe I made up. When I was a kid I'd make baked apples as treats. It only takes about five minutes to do. I've enhanced the recipe I used then both in taste and health. If you're craving apple pie, this will satisfy it with far less calories and fuss.

Pam's Simple and Healthy Baked Apple Recipe

Step One- Take an apple and wash it. :) Wash off those pesticides if it's not organic; wash off the dirt if it is. :-P

my apple, washed and ready to go

Step Two- Take a knife and remove the stem. Then take a knife or spoon and carve out the core. Try not to break through the bottom of the apple (you can still make it if you do break through, but it may not work as evenly and will be more messy) This will create a hole in the apple.

Step Three: Put cinnamon in the hole. Cinnamon is very good for you, it can lower blood sugar! I probably put a teaspoon in, but you can put more or less to taste.

Step Four: Put a little vanilla extract in it. This makes it super yummy. I just put a teeny tiny bit in. I don't really measure, I put a bit in the cap, so this is what it looks like. Now put it in the microwave for a minute and a half. (You could put it in a bowl if you want. You'll see why I say that later.)

this about the right amount of vanilla
Step Five: Put a little sugar in. By delaying putting the sugar in until now, it allows you to use less. I put about a quarter teaspoon in. Remember that apples have natural sugar in them, but how much varies by apple breed and ripeness. So if it's a sweet apple, you may need less, a tart one you may need more.

Step Seven: Put it back in the microwave for thirty seconds. It should be done now, but you should check by feeling the side. It should have some give to it if it's cooked. Since apples are irregularly shaped, feel around all sides. If it's not fully cooked put it back in! Since both microwaves and apples vary, experiment on your own. (Since you can eat apple raw, it's not a big deal if you undercook it)---

If you did it right, it will overflow! I take my slices and dip them in the overflowed sauce and it's very good!

Step Eight: Enjoy! I cut it in slices. The apple skin gets a little tough to pierce after cooking, so the easiest way to cut is to start at the hole and slice the edge of the skin.

Additional thought: I was brainstorming that if someone really missed a crust like a cobbler or pie has, they could fill the hole with graham cracker crumbs during step six, after the sugar, and it would make it very cobbler like. I don't have any graham crackers to experiment with right now.  If you try that, let me know.

I'm also thankful to have completed the Bible in 90 days challenge. I'm deciding what Bible reading I want to do now, I don't want to concentrate on my physical health but neglect my spiritual health. Since the body is not eternal, I need to keep my priorities straight.

I'm also thankful that my cousin can see. My cousin had emergency eye surgery as a result of diabetic complications yesterday.

I'm also thankful Tabitha's grandmother is alive. She is on dialysis and on Tuesday it didn't take, so she had to have surgery yesterday to put in a new line. She's at the point where if she goes two days without dialysis she could lose her life.

I'm thankful for the lovely spring weather... and the lovely air conditioner we have in the window. We'd toughed it out until two days ago for the sake of the power bill, but now it's ac season.

I remain thankful for Ryan's job. He is at work as I type this and officially is starting normal work, having completed training.

I am thankful for you, my sweet readers!

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  1. So glad you linked up! :)

    (And that apple looks HEAVENLY! What a neat alternative to a super unhealthy dessert!)

  2. Oh my. That looks DELICIOUS, amazing and not too unhealthy!!! I love it :) Thanks for posting! I might have to do that tonight!!! :)

    Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday @ First Day of My Life!! ox

    YAY for Ryan's job, as well...and for the beautiful weather! oxox

  3. That looks awesome! It would be something neat my kids could do with me :)

    And, on a personal level, I'm happy you finished the b90 challenge too :)

  4. Congrats on knowing what your body can do and going for it! And the recipe looks great too! Cara from Carina's.


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