Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thanks and Blessings

scenic route through Live Oak Farms
Okay, so this is going to be a normal thankful, counting my blessings post, but first of all I want to tell you about one in particular thing I want to share: One blessng coming both to me, my blog and you this week is a GIVEAWAY! Do you like the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis? Well As One Devil to Another is a modern day version, and I'll be reviewing it and hosting a giveaway tomorrow.

I'm blessed that my women's Bible Study from the fall started meeting again yesterday. I'm blessed that God ties so much together. He really shows us how intimately He's involved in our lives.

I'm blessed I got to visit with my friend Anne. She and I sure know how to talk! We met at 1:30 and the next thing I knew it was 5:30 and they had evening church at 6pm (she's a pastor's wife) so why not stay?

I'm also blessed I got t-o hang out with Lydia on Friday. I'll tell you about part of our adventures later in the week. But one thing we did was go to Live Oak Farms. It's a very cool "naturally grown" farm in Woodruff, the nearest town to me. We visited the store.

On the way to the store you drive through the farm, and Lydia and I stopped to take pictures of the sheep.

a cluster of cute sheep. It looked like they were licking each other to cool off from the hot day!
Lydia bought delicious goat cheese, then we left and went on with our adventurous day. I was blessed to share that awesome cheese.

I am blessed by Grace and Hope. I am not the person I want to be, and I know I have grieved the Holy Spirit this week. But I also know I am truly repentant, so I can hold on to His promises and His mercy.

I am blessed by the sacrifice of those who have lost their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers. Thank you to these military families this Memorial Day.

I am thankful for the unity of the Body of Christ. It is a reality which we all too often deny, but there is no way Jesus' prayer of John 17 was ignored. Thank you for my Christian family, no matter where they are, when they meet, or how I may disagree with them. They are your beloved children, and please cleanse our hearts of sibling rivalry.

Thank you for me being able to text my best friend Tabitha as much as I want. I just recently got a text only phone.

I am so thankful her babies have stayed inside! Each week they are good girls and stay in their mommy is a miracle. (If you don't normally follow, Tabby is 27 weeks pregnant with twins and has already gone into premature labor twice. Prayers appreciated.)

Thank you for Ryan's job and him passing his background check (not that I ever thought he wouldn't) and easing his anxieties by completing his employment process.

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