Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guest Post: Cassie

Hey guys! Today I'm participating in a great blog swap. I'm writing about books over on Heather's blog today, and I'm surrendering my blog to Cassie, who is sharing her thoughts on her faith with us!

Hey yall! I'm Cassie and I blog over at Live.Laugh.L0ve. I'm from the great state of Texas and I blog about our journey through this beautiful crazy life. I'm a Jesus loving - Cheese eating - Soda drinking - life living - bold color wearing momma and wife.

Today I'm sharing five things about my faith with you lovely readers!

One. I am a Christian. Even though I really hate giving myself a label and people automatically role their eyes when they hear those words. But it's what I am and for the record - I'm far from perfect.

Two. I often find myself wondering where heaven is. I mean I know it's this big beautiful amazing place somewhere. But that's just it.. where is it?

Three. I question God more than I should. I know you're not "suppose" to question him. But I don't exactly do what you're suppose to. I do try not to though but it is in my nature to ask questions that I would like answers to.

Four. I love God. It's true. It's real. I big puffy heart love him and for the life of me I can't figure out what I did to deserve his love to, but I am thankful for it.

Five. I can only imagine what it will be like when I see him. Listen to the song below - it's one of my all time favorites.

So that's my faith. It's me plain and simple! Thanks so much Pamela for having me here today & I hope to see your faces around my little slice of blog world.


  1. I love that song too. I'm glad you could guest post on Pam's blog :) God bless you.

  2. i think it's normal to question things and probably a good thing to question stuff!! it's part of our learning process and developing faith. i love cheese too lol. I too wonder where Heaven is, always thinking it's up above the clouds but then i think maybe it's here on Earth and it will be restored to perfection & beauty when Christ returns!? Thank you for sharing cassie!! im happy to be Christian!


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