Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Angel Reveal

First of all I am sorry this is sooo late. As I explained in my last post, my computer's power cord broke on June 21st. Today I was able to replace it. Yay! A lot has happened lately and I'm looking forward to sharing. Also pardon me if I'm slow in getting back to people who have contacted me!

First things first though, on June 30th I was supposed to reveal whose blog I angeled [can that be a verb?] and so instead I'm doing it today...

Meet Jenny of The NY Melrose Family. Jenny is the mom of the lovely Riley. She has a flair for crafting and loves to share that with her readers. She enjoys sharing recipes and things she does for parties and other events. I've enjoyed being her secret admirer, and I hope you'll stop by and visit her!

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