Monday, July 16, 2012

Of Blessings, Babies, and Bees

I am so blessed.

I'm sorry I didn't blog over the weekend. I took a break after my Friday post and didn't end up getting to my book review that evening. I got distracted and had to cook for Bible Study that evening... which was great, by the way.

Also, I rushed to mail a letter to fellow blogger and real life friend, Hannah, with a check I owed her which I should have gotten out a long while ago...

Only to find out just after the mail went out that Hannah is pregnant!!

Tabitha at her baby shower- almost 3 weeks ago now! She is ready to POP!
A lot of you will know why that is so exciting [not that every pregnancy isn't exciting] but if not, you should visit her blog and spend some time and find out.

Also in the exciting-friend-news department is that Tabitha's babies are coming at any time.

She started having contractions 8 minutes apart on Wednesday.

They were six minutes apart on Thursday. Then they hit 5 and that's when you're supposed to go to the hospital so she and her husband did... then they thought her water broke on the way!

She had really been hoping for Friday, because then she's 34 weeks [and her doctor says it's all "icing" after that point] and also it was their fourth year wedding anniversary!  Since this excitement was happening Thursday night I was hoping for after midnight for her...

But then they told her that it wasn't her water [her bladder was leaking from the force] and that she wasn't dilating.

And sent her home.

So they still bake... but that's good. 34 weeks is still early. BUT she is officially off bedrest after TEN WEEKS. Yep, she went into premature labor for the first time at 24 weeks and has been able to keep them in this long! She's done really well!

My most recent photo of my dad, from wedding in April

The longest they will stay in is three weeks and a day. If they make it to that point, there's a scheduled C-section.

So we'll get to meet her little girls soon!

Also I'm invited to a baby shower this upcoming Saturday for my friend Stephanie who is 6 months pregnant with a little girl. I'm not sure if I'm going yet or not, but I hope to...

All these little blessings!

But today, there was a BIG blessing.

My dad lived.

See, he had been out mowing the lawn and ran over a yellow jackets nest. He is allergic. He is supposed to have an epi-pen, but it expired without being used a while back and he never renewed it. So he tossed several benedryl down his throat and he and my mom took off for the ER.

We live 25 minutes from the nearest hospital.

I was crying with worry. Ryan was sound asleep, it being some odd am hour in India, and refused to wake up so I had to be content calling best friend Lydia to calm me down. She did.

And it turned out Mom and Dad knew of an Urgent Care center that was only 10 or 15 minutes away.

Between prayer, benedryl and the closer location, Dad didn't go into anaphylaxis! He was given a shot and a few prescriptions [yes, he has an epi-pen now... indeed, he has TWO!]

And I am especially thanking God for this blessing because Dad had EIGHTEEN yellow jacket stings.

So this Monday, I'm thanking God for lives. For creating lives of Hannah, Tabitha, and Stephanie's babies, and for preserving the life of my father once again.

Thank you. I am very blessed.

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