Saturday, July 21, 2012

The One Day Job (An Answered Prayer Story)

This seems like a perfect time to share this story, since it is Faith Filled Friday.

Ryan and I had been talking money and stressing. Yes, he has a job, but as its a job in India it pays a tenth of what the same job probably would here. And we have to pay for a cross-continental move, a wedding, and setting up a first time apartment.

I am unemployed, and as Ryan has only had employment for a few months, we have bills we have not caught up on.

I desperately need a job, and the pressure of being the sole financial contributor was getting to Ryan.

So on that day, June 28th, I got off the phone with Ryan and literally got on my knees. I cried out to God, praying  for a job. Having been unemployed for so long and so many times I have severe anxieties about job hunting, so I prayed that God would either have something fall into my lap or help me find it. I prayed passionately, admitting my weaknesses and asking God's help.

The next day my sister came back from her work at the Science Center announcing she'd gotten me a one day job, cleaning animal cages to remove mulch before the exterminator came. It would be Monday.

So I prayed Thursday and Monday had a job, for one day.

This blessed me in several ways. First, the paycheck, while meager, still helped me out. Also, how promptly God answered demonstrates He is with me, right now, in my unemployment and knows what I need. But also, knowing He is involved, I also see His Sovereignty. This was not the first time I have prayed for a job! But if this time He chose to give me a job, other times He chose to answer "no"... and since all things work together for those who love Him, and I love Him, God chose my unemployed state for a purpose. A good purpose.

So returned to the state of unemployed, I am reassured that God is with me. He will provide what I need, what Ryan and I desperately need as we approach our wedding. I long ago prayed God would be my wedding planner, and He won't let us down.  He definitely brought Ryan and I together. (I will be telling that story soon!) He has directed us in the fact I will move to India, and He also answered our prayer last August if we should marry sooner or later with "sooner". So I feel assured that as we are obeying His Will, He will bless us with the financial means, somehow.

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  1. just discovered your blog and I love it!
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