Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!

My first Wedding Wednesday! This will be a regular feature from now until our wedding.

This week I'm sharing with you some more wedding dress shopping. This all took place on June 19th [I told you, we'll be playing catch-up for a while!]

This was my Spartanburg shopping trip with friend Erika. We went to the two salons in Spartanburg. I chose the first one because I remembered how nice they were when my sister had gone wedding dress shopping several years ago.... unfortunately I didn't have as pleasant an experience. It wasn't horrible.. but when I compare it to the way they treated my sister, I know they neglected and ignored me. I wonder if it was because I was plus sized... or if maybe it was just my bridal consultant was sub par. She was almost never available to help me, didn't ask me to look at any catalogues when I told her I was having trouble finding dresses I liked, and didn't really seem to be listening at all to what I said I preferred.

Still, I was up for basically anything. I did remember from when my sister was shopping it hadn't appeared they had much in the plus sizes. They actually had far more than I remember. But it was all the same style! By that I mean it was rooshed or ruffled and asymmetrical.

I'm not a fan of any of that.

I did find one dress that was okay... but just okay. And I'd found a dress I'd loved at David's Bridal back in April, I just can't afford it. So I want to find one I love, not one I'm just okay with...

When we finished I expected them to at least be friendly or try to ask me questions about other things they offer... but they didn't really. I felt their smiles were fake... but it might have been my own palpable disappointment in my experience.

Yeah... so not me. But the bridal consultant raved about it so I tried it on.

One of the better ones, but still not good enough.

I liked this dress... but it didn't feel bridal. I told Erika I could imagine wearing this to a prom or state dinner!
Yeah...I didn't realized it was a mermaid when I grabbed it.
So when I went to the next bridal salon, I was trying to pump myself artificially with enthusiasm.  But when I looked and saw a lot of the same, I realized I wasn't as "up for anything" and only chose two dresses to try on... my bridal consultant added another...

She was great.

So yes, I tried on three dresses.. but I'm only showing you pictures of two... Because one I really loved!

Unfortunately, it was even more expensive than the other one I loved. ::Sigh::

But it gave me hope that I could love two dresses.... so I can probably love a third. The hunt continues...

I am also on the look out for either of the two dresses I loved used! Which is why I'm not showing it to you. It is unlikely I'd buy it new unless I won money in a contest or something... but it is possible I'll find it used somewhere, and Ryan can look at this blog.

I really, really liked this one... but I tried it on just after the one I LOVED and there was just  no contest.

Once I do secure my gown, I will share with you whichever dress or dresses I didn't get, so you can see how FABULOUS they are!

So obviously, I ended up having a fun day after all... but now I'm seriously on the prowl for "the" gown! I always check thrift stores when I'm at them [don't scoff, I have two friends who scored perfect gowns at thrift stores for under $100! One still had its tags on! The other didn't need a stitch of alterations!] I'm thinking about a Greenville excursion in the near future. The only place I've been there is David's Bridal, so there is still more to check out.


  1. You weren't lying about all of the dresses looking the same. Wow. I'm plus sized myself (and short). I tried a few dresses on. I even when to a bridal shop once (and NO ONE said ONE WORD to me so I left). I ended up getting a $60 white dress from the Dress Barn. We weren't having a big wedding anyway.

    I love the first dress at the second store if it weren't mermaid. I love the top! I think I'm going to love Wedding Wednesday. I've been married 9 years... so I love looking at bright shiny wedding stuff ;)

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    Hope to see you there, and thank you!


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