Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review: The Fourth Fisherman by Kissack

I got this book because I had remembered hearing about the Mexican fishermen who had survived being at sea for an extremely long time by God and their Bible. That part of this story is true- none of the rest of the details that I remembered were, however. 

The Fourth Fisherman is not just the story of those fishermen, but is also the faith journey of the author, Joe Kissack, and how God used the fishermen to help save Kissack and his family. Both stories are compelling. Kissack’s journey is from abused child to businessman celebrating incredible worldly success to drug abuser- always trying to fill the hole inside only God can satisfy. After his salvation, Kissack hears about the fishermen and calls him on a pilgrimage designed to transform Kissack and bring  glory to God. This book is bearing witness to God by proclaiming His sustaining power with the fishermen and how Kissack found his true worth and work lies in Christ alone.

I enjoyed this book, and would recommend it.

I received this book free from Water Brook Multnomah in exchange for my unbiased review.

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