Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!

I know; Wednesday is over. But I've been meaning to write this for three weeks and for whatever reason I never get online on Wednesdays lately, so I'm posting this anyway.

One huge thing I'm having to adjust to about my wedding is my family and friends won't be there.  We don't have the money for two weddings like we'd originally hoped (a US one and the Indian one). So, we're only having one in India.

Now my best friend and maid of honor Lydia has promised to come to India with me. So I will have one representative from home. And when I realized we were talking about December, I got really excited thinking my beautiful, jet setting, high school teaching big sister could probably be there. She and her husband usually travel every Christmas break anyway. Last year I think it was Austria or something. So I asked her and hoped it'd all work out... I mean, why wouldn't it?

But apparently Beth has a reason and won't be coming.

After she told me this, I went to the bathroom to cry. There were lots of people around and I was praying for God to help me pull it together. My heart was breaking. None of my family would be at my wedding!

And the Holy Spirit swept in. Suddenly, I was reminded of Jesus in the crowded house when someone came in to tell Him His mother and brothers were outside.

But He replied to the one who told Him, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” And stretching out His hand toward His disciples, He said, “Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven, that person is My brother and sister and mother.” 
-Matthew 12:48-50

Now Jesus didn't stop loving Mary and His brothers (we especially know this from how He talked to her and John from the cross). But He showed that all believers are family, and blood bonds aren't stronger than spiritual ones.

So I will have family at my wedding-- in the form of Ryan's church. They are my brothers and sisters.

And when I thought about, while most of our guests may seem like strangers at the time, they won't stay strangers. I'm moving to India! I will get to know them; when I look at the photos later, I won't see strangers.

My heart thus comforted, I was able to leave the bathroom.

My rallying cry lately has been, "Life is for our holiness, not our happiness." That doesn't mean there is no happiness, but "seek first the kingdom"...

So that's the kind of radical stuff God's been doing for my heart lately.

And this [was] Wedding Wednesday.

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  1. I´m sure the thought of not having any of your family at your wedding is really hard for you, and probably equally as hard for your family, too. God works in mysterious ways, and I hope something works out for you. But what a great friend you have to come with you!

  2. Dont worry sister Indeed we are your family here! And dont say you dont have family members here, I have clearly informed Ryan that I will be from the Bride's side so dont worry we will stand beside you as brother and I have been really praying for your marriage recently. And Yes God call us for holiness and who know God might open doors for Ryan and you and you both might get chance to go back to your family

  3. I was fortunate enough to have my immediate family with me in India when I got married. It is tough, though, to live so far from home and that support system. I hope you're able to find a net of friends in India whom you can turn to when times get tough (cause it is tough as an expat here - I'm going on 6 years here in India). Hopefully, you can join some women's groups and meet others who've also chosen to live here from abroad.

  4. Awe honey, that's to bad. However, you can be sure they will be there in spirit.
    My dad was unable to come to my wedding and give me away and it did make me cry.

  5. I didn't have my family at my wedding either, and I only got married out of state. Out of the country? I can't even imagine. I love this: "Life is for our holiness, not our happiness." Such a life motto!

    Thanks for linking up with Into the Word Wednesday. I love reading these posts!

    Falen @

  6. Oh hon, I know you must be sad your family won't be able to be at your wedding. I agree with Falen though I LOVE when you say Life is for our holiness not for our happiness. That is such good MEAT for us!


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