Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yarn Along

Hello Yarn Along friends! I haven't linked up in a couple of weeks, but I did finish the two baby blankets I was working on! And something new!

baby Kylee's blanket

You may remember they were for my best friend Tabitha's twin girls, who were born August 1st! I had made the actual blankets before I knew the gender, and just needed to add the borders. I wanted to make the borders unique, since the twins are individuals, but had made the blankets the same because, well, they're twins. :)

Kylee's border (this isn't a great picture)
And while I made Kylee's border I went for a lacey look... and loved it. And it went so fast!

baby Natalee's blanket
And then I looked at the yarn I had left and decided to be brave... I had been invited to my friend Stephanie's baby shower in just five days, for a little girl. So I decided to go for it and make a blanket. If I finished it in time, great.

Natalee's border
If not... well, I'd just buy something for the shower.

baby Natalie's blanket! (Yep, Stephanie and Tabby both have daughters named  Natalie, but Tabby's has two 'e's)

And I finished it.... in two and a half days!  I officially have a new way I'm doing baby blankets!

Now for books... I finished The Fourth Fisherman by Kissack and King of Glory by Bramsen. I am working on Dual Citizens and Stress Point. I'm also reading up on St Francis of Assisi.

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  1. What a clever idea to make the projects and do the finishing touches when you know the baby's sex.


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