Monday, September 3, 2012

My Last Summer in America

Technically I wanted to title this "My Last Summer in America and What You Can Expect This September" but that's too long.

So how do I feel now that my last summer in America is coming to a close?

Actually, pretty excited. I feel some anxiety when I think about all the stuff that has to be done before I move to India, but if I just think about how there's only one season to go... I'm thrilled. I am very eager to launch into this adventure... and feel Ryan's embrace.

Plus, summer is a lovely season, but autumn is my favorite. So on a typical year (since I graduated college anyway) the end of summer makes me happy anyway!

This summer I didn't get to any trips, but I did get to spend several days in the pool and go tubing once (2 weeks ago, which I've yet to post about.) I got to welcome new life, like Tabby's twins, and had many days hanging out with friends.

It was kind of weird thinking that the fourth of July was my last actually in America... but probably not forever.

So now into what you expect this September:

the sunrise two days ago... something to moon over.
Tomorrow is my blogiversary!! And there'll be a giveaway, so come back and celebrate!

I'm starting a new women's Bible Study with my friend and neighbor Anne next week... don't know if I'll blog about it or not, but maybe!

I'm participating in Represent, a challenge to vlog about your testimony on the 26th. Click here to learn more.

As autumn is favorite month, you can expect me to moon over nature.

I think those are the big things. Looking forward to a great month... and only one season to go until India!

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  1. Wow...moving to India! I can't wait to see photos of your every day life there! New follower from the "Monday Meetup"
    Ramblings of a Southern Belle


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