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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blessed Sunday

I want to tell you about one of those Sundays that make you go, "Wow, God."

It wasn't today or the past Sunday, but the one before (yep, I'm really far behind.)

my church
I went to church, which was great. It should be mentioned that I wasn't on any spiritual high. I was actually pretty low. But with prayer and communion and Bible readings and hymns of praise God raised me up. I remember the sermon was on James 4. Then I went to Sunday school where we're working through the Bible. We're in Exodus. Then laughing with the blessed family who gives me a ride, I arrived at home refreshed.

After lunch and talking to Ryan, I decided to look through my books I'm planning on bringing to India, and ended up singing for two hours from hymnals. (I made up most the tunes, I'm a lousy sight-reader.)

Then Erika came and we went to Starbucks. A couple weeks prior to this Anne, Erika, and I started an 8 week Bible Study. Anne was busy a few weekends, and we knew that from the beginning. But this week we were supposed to meet and something came up for Anne. So Erika and I decided to meet on our own.

I had texted invites to Lydia and another friend, Emily, to join us. To my surprise and joy, both did! We had a GREAT time, talking God and sipping on delicious beverages. The study is called "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter.

We were hungry, and we started discussing what food might be at Merge later.

Emily is the one who introduced me to Merge last year, though I think it is the evolved version of BCM and Sunago, two fellowships I was involved in back in college. It is a young adult meeting for ages 18-28. It is a church service on late Sunday night with like drums and electric guitars and stuff, then afterwards everyone hangs out and eats and talks and plays games.

Lydia and I- from the spring, but still!
As we speculated about the food, we decided that Moe's would be awesome. Moe's is a southwestern style restaraunt. I said, "Yes, Lord, let there be Moe's!" Which made everyone laugh and Erika said "Amen!"

I had started bringing Erika a few weeks prior and she loved it. Lydia hadn't been before though, and was reluctant. So we basically dragged her with us.

The service was great and the songs and the sermon all seemed so relevant to things we'd been talking about lately. I ended up going to receive prayer at the beckon of God at one point.

At the end the minister announced, "Come join us for Moe's!"

We practically fell over ourselves laughing. As Erika said, it was like Jesus stopped and said "hi"!

One thing I love about Merge is people come from tons of different churches. It's called 'Merge' because it's meant to bring Christians together. I remember looking around and realizing there were 5 or 6 of us clustered together, and every single one of us had gone to a different church that morning. I love that!

(The unity of the Body is my passion, so that makes me so happy!)

Lydia said she'd definitely come back, but only if she had earplugs. (The music is LOUD.) We promised to get her some!

Ah, it was an amazing Sunday! I had such a God high!

I'll tell you a secret: I am writing this Saturday night. I often write my posts at least a day in advance. And writing this is getting me so excited for Sunday again!

Hoping everyone is having a great Lord's Day!


  1. I love it when stuff like that happens :)

  2. Hi Pamela- found you through the Monday link up. I did have a great Sunday, thanks for asking ;) Glad to hear you did too. Ha ha "Let their be Moe's" that made me laugh for two reasons, one because I could say that about an Italian restaurant here called Frankies, and two because my hubbies name is Moses aka Mo ;) Anyway happy to meet you and read more here. Happy Monday ;)!!

  3. HI Pamela! I just read your guest post on Covered in Grace. I'm now following you and so excited to hear about your adventures in India. Blessings to you!

  4. Hi Pamela!
    Fellowship with brethren in God's presence gives me a high too! Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    Found you on Monday Meet Up and now follow.
    Have a super blessed day!

  5. Love that story, I love the little God moments in our daily lives :) They are a big deal!



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