Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Review: Over the Edge by Connealy

Over the Edge is a western romance novel. It is the third in the Kincaid rides series Mary Connealy. I read the second book, and this one is by far better.

One interesting thing Connealy did that is not typical of the romance novel paradigm is to explore rain injury and PSTD in the hero of Over the Edge, Seth. He has forgotten his wife Callie, who he married while recuperating in a Civil War hospital. She reappears at the beginning of the novel with their infant son, Connor. To make the story even more complex, it turns out there is a fourth Kincaid brother suddenly, with the appearance of a young half sibling, Heath. Oh, and they’re also being stalked by a criminal who is after a treasure he believes the family possesses.

What results is fun, though not particularly believable, tale. But the truth is the target readership of this novel are more concerned with the adventure than creduality. It’s an impractical but enjoyable novel.

I’d recommend it as light reading to other novel lovers.

I received this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

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  1. I may have to check this series out, seems really interesting!


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