Sunday, October 14, 2012

International Festival

Last Saturday was the International Festival in Spartanburg!

Totally my favorite festival-y thing Spartanburg does!

They have food from all sorts of countries, the 'avenue of nations' with booths for different countries, and a marketplace area. Also they had three different stages with shows and a kid's area with free crafts.

Okay,  so I thought it'd be fun to show you the booths of my heritage:

Denmark (probably around an 8th)

Poland (about a 4th)

Ireland (adds up to about a third)
France (a tiny amount)
Scotland (probably about an 8th)

I am also a little English  and a miniscule amount Spanish, but England and Spain didn't have booths.

And of course, I am really from:

the United States
and I'm soon moving to:
At two o'clock they had the parade of nations. I cheered for India and others of y heritage. And ringing up the rear was the USA... and my friends and I jumped in the parade, chanting, "USA!" It was HILARIOUS!

these were the guys we marched with.
For lunch I had a Honduran chicken taco, red pepper humus with Armenian flat bread, and cinnamon raisin pretzels with fig sauce. All for $5! (I shopped around.)

I watched two shows: belly dancers and music from the Cherokee nation.

a spirit flutist from the Cherokee nation
There was also a sports area, where I filled out a sports trivia questionaire and got a free backpack!

I didn't buy anything in the market area, but Katie and Lydia both got coolie hats. Katie also got a Guatemala jersey. Lydia also got metal chopsticks. (I was *really* tempted by a parasol and an ostrich puppet. But I told myself to wait to buy stuff when I go to India!)

After a while we went and took a reak going to the Science Center, where my sister let us play with a snake.

Katie with "King Charlie" at the Science Center

my sister helping Lydia

All in all, it was a great, fun day!


  1. Woo! Good day. Yes randomly joining the parade was the best. And king charlie.

  2. Hey there - just found your blog!

    It looks like such a good time - I wish we had a festival where I live. I think we have one in November though, how exciting! What great pictures :)

    xo, Heather

  3. How fun! I hadn't read your blog for awhile and when I went to Brooke's blog, there you were! So I had to pop over here. That festival looked like a lot of fun, and randomly hopping in the parade? Yes please!


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