Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life is Crazy

So I haven't written on this blog since Thursday.

I know I published stuff since then, but I had them scheduled. My parents left for vacation on Thursday. The way internet is at my house we use my mother's smartphone as a wifi hub. So they leave town, I have no internet. I thought Id get on before Monday so I could write and schedule More Than This Monday, but I was super busy all weekend.

I got my passport (with the visa in it) Thursday afternoon. (Mom and Dad left Thursday morning and came home last night.) Ryan and I haven't gotten my plane ticket yet, but may be booking it everyday. My future father-in-law is helping. My head's hurting because FFIL is talking to Ryan who is talking to me who is trying to keep my parents in the loop. And Ryan is telling my FFIL things I say and it's a bit like a game of telephone... especially because Ryan works Indian nights (which is US days) and his parents work Indian days. And everyday the prices of tickets change, but funds are confusing and we keep changing dates.
from my last trip to NJ... you can kind of see how close my grandparents house
is to the river {house obviously left, river on right; see bridge through trees?}

In addition, most of my extended family lives on the Jersey shore. Cell towers seem to be out, so we haven't heard from grandparents and an aunt. We heard from them last night, and one of my aunts friend saw my grandparents house from a distance and it seems whole. But there was a tree blocking the road and a boat on the bridge next to them.

Anyway, right now I'm not sure when I'll be blogging *as normal*... maybe right away, maybe not. Regardless, I'm hoping to move at the end of November and was planning to call for guest posts  as we got closer. The craziness of now is making me realize I may be underestimating stuff, so if you want to write a guest post for my blog email me.

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