Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Than This Monday: Remembering

I had a wonderful weekend. I'll have to tell you about it later.

remembering a good time...
Now it's a wonderful Monday! Well, it's fairly gray and dreary, but it's got that lovely crispness in the air proclaiming fall. And I love fall. But I'm still on a God high from yesterday.

One thing that happened yesterday was, half joking, my friends and I prayed for certain refreshments to be served at the event we were going to later... and it was! This caused us to dissolve into peals of joyful laughter and was a bow tied on an evening we already knew was blessed.

In a text conversation today, a friend and I reflected on it. She said, "It was like Jesus smiled and said he was here."

I said, "It is those kinds of moments you can look back on in the bleaker days and smile in remembrance that God loves and provides even in the little things!"

I've been reflecting on that. A few years ago we did a study in Bible Study about remembering. When the Israelites would be messing in the OT, what would God tell them? Remember! And He would remind them of the things He had done for them and who He is... the God of Abraham, of Jacob, who brought them out of Egypt.

We should hold on to all the good moments to help us when we need it. Remember who He is to us. The God who saved us through personal sacrifice beyond measure on the cross. The God who wrapped us in His embrace during that hard time. The God who healed that loved one. The God who whispered through that song that made you cry. The God who answered a simple prayer for refreshments!

God doesn't change. So in our grayest days, when maybe we can't feel Him, He is exactly who He is during the times we feel Him the most. He is faithful, and we can cling to that!

I'm looking forward to reading your posts! What insight into "more than this" has God given you to share?

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  1. Out of curiosity, what was the refreshment you were hoping for?

  2. Moe's. It's a Mexican restraurant that's local or at best regional, so I figured saying "We wanted Moe's" would confuse non-locals. "Refreshments" seemed you know, understandably generic.

  3. Thanks for answering! :) Sounds like a delish way to top off a Spirit-filled evening!

  4. God does SUCH cool things like that! I'm convinced he does little things to remind us he can do the BIG ones!!!

  5. You are so right, God does incredible things, all we have to do is remember them. Why is it so easy to forget His goodness to us? UG!


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