Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yay! Today I get to introduce you to many amazing ladies whose ads you've seen on the sidebar!

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I create jewelry, and sell it on Etsy. I use my creativity as a well to channel my emotions into something productive and beautiful. I created the JByA blog to share my process and some of the emotion I pour into my work. My other passions include science, teaching, and gaming. I am a very passionate person. I hope that this translates into every piece I create.

heldbyHishand is the place where I - Miss Rachael - blog about God and life stuff. As a passionate Christian, you'll find me hanging out with lots of small people, sharing my love of Christ and His creation in classrooms, Sunday school, nannying or with my 9 siblings. If I'm not talking or writing, reading, baking and sewing are a few of my other hobbies. I can't wait to meet you - swap blog buttons, Skype and pray with you - so please stop by my blog and say hello!

My name is Halie, and I'm 24 years old. I live in Florida and I love the sunshine. I like crafts, and recipes, and I'm trying to get better at both! Lately, I've really gotten into trying my own hand at nail art as well. I have a great family, a wonderful boyfriend, and lots of silly adventures. I just like sharing them with y'all, and one day I will love to be able to re-read it all in my future.

My desire is to encourage other women through my blog with sharing things the Lord has been teaching me, sharing those stories to encourage you.
I often don't feel qualified to write half of the things He places on my heart.
So please read them as a partner encouraging you alongside in your journey.

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