Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding {Waiting} Wednesday

Whoo hoo!

For those who missed it I declared Friday 'Wedding Friday' because I got my engagement ring!

Last Sunday I filled out my Indian visa application online (which was stressful because the first time I filled it out there was an error and I had to fill out the entire thing again!) Then I shipped out the paperwork and my passport last Tuesday. Then on Friday I got an email saying it had been received and the processing company would be passing it onto the embassy. That's the last I heard.

It says it should take 6-10 days. I don't know if that's from first submitting the application or the arrival of the documents. So I could know either anytime or as late as next Friday... which isn't exactly far away!

I'd love, love prayers. There's no real reason my visa shouldn't go through... except I just have a long history of paperwork woes like what happened with my passport.

Ryan gets his paycheck tomorrow. So after that, we're just waiting on my visa to buy my plane ticket! Then I'll have like an actual date and countdown! Eep!

Then we'll start talking actual wedding... we had been trying to before, but it was stressful with so much up in the air... but soon things will fall into place.

So right now Wedding Wednesday is in many ways just about the wait.

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