Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

So I'm applying for my Indian Visa this week!

I got my ID renewed yesterday and got new passport photos taken. I had gotten extras taken for my visa when I applied for my passport. But that's when I thought I'd be going this summer, and now it's been more than six months and it states the photos have to be current within six months. Since the old photo is the same one actually on my passport, and I have to send it in with my application, I figured it was worth getting new photos taken... especially concerning the craziness of my passport. I am the embodiment of Murphy's Law when it comes to paperwork! I'd appreciate prayers.

Now I need to fill out the application... which you have to do on the computer, then print out and sign. Now if I could fill it out and submit online no problem. If I could print it out blank and fill it out longhand I would have a friend print it out and get it for me. But my computer isn't hooked up to a printer, so I have to figure this out.

What else has happened? Well, I finally dropped off my engagement ring to be re-sized. I miss it.

Ryan and I are doing really good. We'd both been stressed and distracted but we've  prayed worked through it. Paperwork turns me into a nervous wreck, which doesn't help, especially since my anxiety baffles him.  Please pray Ryan earns enough money for us to buy my plane ticket!

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  1. I´ll pray for you. I hope some work comes up that just suits you and your situation so that you can buy your ticket.


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