Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yarn Along

Okay, so I haven't been linking up with the yarn along because, well, I haven't been "yarning." But now there is that crisp fall-ness... plus (and more importantly) I'm moving to India in approximately two months. So I figure I should make whatever I'm going to make asap, and then I'm donating the rest of my yarn to this woman who makes hats and the like to be given out at my church's food pantry.

So... yea, I haven't made anything yet. But I figured I'd link up and get my brain working on what I will make... though I have been making jewelry.

So, books. The books I photographed I am either reading or read but haven't yet reviewed. I recently reviewed Perfect Lies by Jennifer Crow (which I adored) and The Lightlings by R C Sproul (a children's book). I've finished Dreams and Visions (which are methods God's been using to reach his children in the Muslim world), Over the Edge (a novel), and InSignificant (about a teacher's time at one of the most dangerous middle schools in America and how Christ brings significance to even the most obscure), as well as The River (a novel) which isn't pictured because its an ebook. I'll be reviewing them soon.

I'm currently working on Unstuck, which basically is how delving into the Bible jumpstarts spiritual growth. I am about to jump into Understanding Theology in 15 Minutes a Day. And No Other Gods is the Bible Study I've been doing on Sunday afternoons with my friends.

That's it! So now I'm off to see what everyone else is doing!

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  1. Lovely jewelry! I also bead in addition to knitting (and make pottery, and sew a bit, and needle-felt). I love the option of working with different materials as the mood strikes.

  2. Oh my...India...such a far away move, how come? I mean is it your job that takes you there? Too bad you need to part with all your yarn, I would go stir crazy I think. But, nice that you're going to donate it to such a good cause.

  3. Ha ha. You're doing exactly the same thing as me for a very similar reason: I'm knitting and sewing like crazy as we are planning to move to Australia in 2 months and I can't bear to leave my stash un-made. LOL! God bless and keep you :)

  4. Cute jewelry! Moving to India? Wow, that sounds like an adventure! Happy destashing these last few months!

  5. The jewelry is beautiful. Moving to India sounds like a wonderful adventure. Best of luck getting prepared.

  6. Moving to India! Well there's as solid of a reason as ever I've heard for doing some serious de-stashing. :) Your jewelry is lovely. Handmade is the best.

  7. your jewelry is really pretty, i love pearls. india sounds really exciting, perhaps you could knit with cotton, silk and linen instead?

  8. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I'm moving to India because I am getting married! And this is actually the fourth & final phase of "de-stashing" (excellent term, I hadn't heard it before). I totally plan on getting new yarn there.


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