Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A REAL Post!

I couldn't figure out what photo to use, so I went random.
Hello blog! I am back, believe it or not, for a real post.

The plan is also to try to write several posts to schedule so that a huge gap of regular posting like this won't happen again. I won't lie though, and say that I'm back to normal in my posting schedule. I may be... the truth is I don't know.

I am leaving the country in roughly 3 weeks, and really beginning my journey the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am not packed. But as I just bought a suitcase last night there is a reason. I have been making lists and decisions for months... but now it is time to pack two suitcases and a carry on. That's all I'm taking... except some boxes of books I don't have money to ship yet, but I'll be boxing up and sending for as we can.

Oh! As for my family affected by Sandy, everyone is okay. And so far as I know their homes only suffered mild damage (broken windows, fallen trees that didn't hit the house, my grandparent's dock is gone etc.) One aunt and uncle did lose their restaurant though, so please pray for them. Also, so far as I know, most of my relatives are still without power.

Aside from packing, I am also spending time with family and friends. Yesterday was a Tabitha day. Lydia day is Saturday. I don't know about other times yet... So yes, I am not sure how much blogging time I have. I also am getting vaccinations and... yeah.

All that being said, I am a writer and I have found that when things are the craziest is often when I'm driven to write... I've actually written a couple blog posts... the thing is I've been primarily internet-less so it's been long hand in random places. I haven't been typing as much.

None of this is to say I'll be as haphazard in my posting as I have been. Actually my plan is to try to schedule around 6 posts today so that I can space them out so you're guaranteed 2-3 posts in the next few weeks, and that number will increase because there is no way I'm staying away from you all together, sweet beloved blog. I have been writing on you for over four years now and the addiction is just too compelling. :) Plus, I'll be trying to recruit guest posters for you. So no fear this blog will go away... if I had a smart phone I'd be posting daily even in the busyness!

No, the real issue is I only have internet occassionally right now because the way we have it at home is we have Mom's cell phone act as a wifi hotspot... but if she makes a phone call or answers it while it's doing that, the internet cuts off. Plus if Mom is say, at the grocery store, she isn't going to leave her cell, so I am internet-less. And worse, Mom's battery is acting up so you can only really use it for internet if it is plugged in, and Mom doesn't want to leave it plugged in all day, so typically I can only get it for any length of time at night when she'll plug it in and leave the internet on all night. But I've been falling asleep before Mom most nights, what with the crazyness of my life... and the fact I'm recovering from a cold.

And lately the main issue has been Sandy. Yes, I live in South Carolina and weather wise the worst Sandy did was stir up pollen with wind gusts, but as I've said, the majority of my extended family lives on the Jersey shore. So she spent three or four days glued to the tv, making calls on her cell, trying to process it. She was a nervous wreck. So I haven't been asking her to turn the internet on much, since as I said before, she can't make calls and give me internet simultaneously. I live in NJ until I was seven and I do claim it... but this has been really cutting for my parents. I see the footage and am like "Wow, that's bad." They look at it and see the hangouts of their younger life gone, neighborhoods they or loved ones lived destroyed, and instead of saying "Wow, that tourist town is going to have a hard time rebuilding" they are like "Oh no, wasn't that X from high school's husband's business? Wow, it is gone." It's not that I don't recognize anything or feel it... but it is so much more personal for them. I moved when I was seven, but they were in their mid-thirties and had lived there since birth.

Right now I am at the Science Center in Spartanburg. When I finish this post I am heading probably to the library. I have also texted several friends to see if we may meet up later. I went to the polling place with my sister earlier, then we came straight here.

So yup, that's what's going on. And yes, sweet blog, I will definitely keep you informed. I hope everyone is having a good day, and that my fellow Americans have an okay election day. Remember whoever wins, the government is on God's shoulders. And if you are tempted to think of the candidate you don't want as the devil, remember Kim Jung Il or whoever is in charge in Burma/Myanmar and realize that regardless of the outcome we Americans have been very blessed. Keep that in mind, even if "the other guy" wins.

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  1. have you ever thought of drafting posts in Word and then C&Ping them to blogger when you have internet? I usually write posts for FB and other message boards and blogs this way. Keeps me from losing stuff when a site is being weird.


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