Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hi beloved blog!


I wrote a huge, beautiful post for you on Saturday. It took me 45 minutes. I was online at a free wifi location where when you connect it reroutes you to a welcome screen thing. I've had connectivity issues with those when adding photos, so what I did was hit 'save' on my post before I hit the add photo icon... and sure enough it messed up. The add photo brings up a small window within my window... which if rerouted to a welcome screen makes it so there is no possible way to close it and regain access to the post.

So I thought "No problem, I just saved" and refreshed blogger.

Only to find the connectivity problems had prevented saving! The post was gone!

Frustrated, I glanced at the clock. I had seven minutes before I had to go meet friends for lunch. So I decided I'd snap a webcam photo and write a two minute little post... and my computer crashed....

And I don't have 45 minutes to write a new one.

I've been running around like crazy, mainly saying goodbyes. Gahh, I wish I was available to post more. Soon! Soon!

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