Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last Night in America

Well, I wrote you an excellent post on my netbook on the greyhound on the way up, but greyhound's wifi hated blogger, and wouldn't load it entirely so I could post it. (It did load facebook.)  And because it never loaded it, it also didn't let me save it on there. I did save it on my netbook, but I'm on my grandfather's computer right this minute, so that doesn't help me.

But I decided I'd do a series called "The Journey" that will tell you about my travelling and that just means part one is done.

My uncle is coming in a few minutes and I'm having a brief moment to write and reflect, but I've still got some  suitcase shuffling to do. The handle on one of my suitcases broke on the way up, so I transferred to my grandmother's suitcase, which is nicer, but I think it also weighs more, which means making some cuts. And I'm not sure what to cut. And the bathroom scale for weighing isn't the most accurate, so I'm worried... and I need to relax, but I guess it's good that what is worrying me most is something as prosaic as suitcase weight limits.

My grandparents are relaxing and watching tv. An aunt of mine is taking me to the airport in the morning. I hope to get a catnap before the flight but maybe I can't... then again maybe that will just help me sleep on the flight, I don't know. If you're reading this in the morning (and you're in America) I'm probably already flying.

It's really good to get to see my extended family here. They're being extremely sweet. They are concerned, like the loved ones back home, but I guess I've gotten better at taking it, and it's not hurting me. (It hurt me to hurt people I loved by leaving, you know?) I'm really getting exhilarated. Emotions are funny, fickle things!

All right, I love you blog and I'm looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule with you (give me a week, but it will probably take less) but I've got more urgent stuff at the moment! Love you!

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