Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reflections on a Last Night at Home

I can't believe this is my last night at home.

I'm sitting next to my mom, watching "Too Cute" this ridiculous but fun show on Animal Planet. Just spending some time together.

One of my suitcases weighs 57 pounds, the other 48 1/2, so I have to discard somethings, but for now I'm chilling.

I leave tomorrow evening. I have a good day planned with the family.

More Sophie
I am really, really, really sad about leaving Sophie, my dog, who has no idea what is happening. I can talk and keep in touch with family and friends, but my little dog who goes into a fit if I leave for twelve hours will think I abandoned her. :(

When I went to college I came home every summer. Then I graduated and didn't have a job and moved home. I didn't expect to stay here, and was sad and all... but I have stayed here.

So now, at twenty-six, I'm really truly leaving home for the first time. I mean, those four years in college do count, and I can't say I lived at home during that time. I had lessons on roommates and all that. I learned about myself...

More Sophie!
But now I'm going to an exceedingly foreign country where I am guaranteed to contract a whoppin' case of culture shock to meet the man I love for the first time in person. I will be living with my in-laws the first time I meet them. (The living arrangements are thus: Ryan's family has a four bedroom apartment. His parents have one bedroom, Ryan another, and I will have yet another. We are not planning on sleeping together until marriage.) I am leaving behind the majority of my possessions and flying off with two suitcases (50 pound limit) and one carry-on (13 pound limit).  I also packed a third suitcase which my friend Lydia will bring me when she comes to visit, but that may be months. I am saying goodbye to my parents, my sisters, and all my friends and extended family.

guess who?
People keep asking me, "Is it sinking in?"

The truth is, I'm not sure that something that big can really be grasped until it's experienced. Do I intellectually understand what is happening? Yes. Have I emotionally embraced some of the pain of separation and fear of the unknown that are common to the human condition? Yes. Have I cried some? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Am I confident that this is the right thing for my life? Yes.

But is it sinking in?

I guess the answer is yes... but it's a slow seep. There's some flooding on the ground, but some of this water of change has seeped into my soil. It's sinking in... but it's not all there yet.
and more Sophie!

And I don't think it will be all there yet until I am in India, and I am not there yet.

And even then, I think the realization will be slow. I anticipated lows and highs, the tide of culture shock.

But I think I'll be okay. I'll have Ryan and I'll have God. And thanks be to Him, I also will have the technological amazingness that is 2012. I can skype. I can type on this blog. I can call home via the internet for free. People can call and text me for free. I will email and be emailed, facebook and be facebooked.  This doesn't mean broken connections, just changed ones.

And when I compare this to what people did when they like went west on a pioneer trail for example or got on a ship to go from Europe to America... or to India. Well, that was so much braver and more overwhelming than what I am doing. Makes this all seem melodramatic. If I miss someone's voice I can call them. If I miss someone's face I can skype them... or facebook stalk them.

I'll be okay. And omigoodness, India! What an adventure....

And Ryan.

What a joy!


  1. What an adventure indeed! Good luck to you :)

  2. wow! Hope your journey is safe and not too crazy. I hope Ryan has a sign with your name on'll be insane trying to find a familiar face in a sea of faces. All the best on your adventure!

  3. Safe journey! Saying a prayer for you!

  4. Bon Voyage! You´ve certainly waited for this adventure to start, and now it has. You´ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. You always forget we are here waiting for you. Dont worry everything will be allright. I always told this to you but when i read this I was thinking to keep myself in your position and I must tell it takes really a big heart and faith to do this but be confident come here. We also look forward to meet you in person


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