Friday, December 14, 2012

Beds and Blessings

Right  now Ryan is sleeping, as he works nights. His dad stayed home today because of his ruptured disk acting up again. (Well the rupture healed some time ago, but he is still pained.) His mom is at work and right now Henry, that's Ryan's dad's name, is sitting outside watching carpenters make my bed.

Now I have a bed, which I am actually sitting on, but it's what we in the states would call a twin. Here it's a single mattress... it maybe slightly smaller than a twin actually, but roughly that size. They want to get me a double. I don't need it in and of itself, I'm not so large a twin won't do, but it's also going to be Ryan and my marriage bed.

So today is faith filled Friday and I so I typically try to don my spiritual hat. There's a lot there, from the sanctity of marriage to two becoming one (we're not getting a double bed mattress, the frame will simply hold two single mattresses) and of course there's a lot to be said of carpenters.**

Ahem. Well anyway, there's a lot there but what I really dwell on right now is God's blessings. I feel super blessed to be here in India. I feel super blessed Ryan is a few rooms away sleeping. I feel super blessed I have future in-laws who are sweet enough to want to make us a new bed. I feel super blessed to  have time to reflect on these blessings.

Hmm... but when I think about what the Bible says about blessing the first thing that pops into my head is the sermon on the mount. "Blessed are the poor in spirit... those who mourn... the meek... who thirst for justice/righteousness... merciful... pure in heart... those insulted and persecuted in Jesus' name"

Mourning? Persecution? Be honest do they sound like blessings?

It's a list of  those the world disdain.

Poor in Spirit? The world  says either ignore your spirit or go search for your inner goddess. Or maybe give a nice fat check to starving children (or kittens) and rest on those laurels for a while. If you're poor in spirit, make yourself strong, gosh darn it!

Mourning? The world says they are sorry... for a few weeks. Then they get really uncomfortable and shuffle their feet and say when are they going to heal? I mean, it's sad and all but  you have work to do and you can't be sad forever.

Thirst for justice/righteousness? Well that means you've been wronged. And the world says you need to take it in your own hands and take some vengeance. Sitting around thirsting won't help anything, you got to stick it them. What, you want to let a just God bring  justice? Fairytales. That's what the weak say because they're scared of having balls. It's a dog eat dog world out there, go out and be strong. What,  you  don't want to wrong anyone else? Well if you don't stick up for yourself, then that's your problem. You got to look out for number one.

Merciful? That's nice, up to a point says the world. But there's a point where mercy is foolish. Like having mercy on someone who is your enemy. Or letting yourself be wronged in the deliverance of mercy. Folly.

Pure in heart? Ha. You know what the world calls that: naive. It's cute, but the world likes to educate the pure in heart. Harden them, teach them a few 'real world' lessons and then sit with the new cynic over a beer and reminisce about how foolish and naive they used to be... good thing they 'wised up'...

Insulted and persecuted in Jesus' name? Oh come on! Religion is nice and all, the world says, but don't take it too far.  Jesus, like he was a nice dude and he'd never really ask that of you. You're just plain crazy. God doesn't want radicals, he just wants everyone to be nice and not judge anybody for anything, you know, like acceptance and tolerance and all that. Be nice and you'll go to heaven. There's no need for radical crazy stuff. That's for like terrorists and stuff.

Yeah. The world disdains the Lord's truest blessings, because the world disdains Jesus' real message.

So while I sit happily in India I don't deny that my Ryan, the bed, all of this is blessings. But I know also that if something were to happen to Ryan, if I was tossed out on the street, if I was killed for being a Christian, whatever: I'd still be blessed.

I am blessed by my salvation. I am blessed by loving anyone enough to mourn them. I am blessed to have a heavenly Comforter. I am blessed by having a spiritual Teacher no one else can compare to. I am blessed by having a Daddy who would die for me. I am blessed eternally. I am blessed because I know that ALL things happen for the good (for the blessing of) those who love God, and I love God. I am blessed by the gift of faith in Him, and I pray that blessing on all of you today.


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**Thanks Tuppence! I love it when I get corrected with the Bible. (Seriously. I'd much rather be corrected than persist in untruth)

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