Monday, December 17, 2012

More Than This Monday

my Christmas tree in the USA a few years ago, not here.
But it works for the mood, eh?
Tonight we had carol singers.

They were the youth (which here means young adult, not teenager) from Ryan's aunt Vanessa's church. It was pre-planned they would come. They sang Joy to the World. Then one of them, who I found out later was the youth pastor, talked about the gospel, which is the true meaning of Christmas. He talked about how God is both holy and loving, and so there was a problem. Man had become sinful, and needed punishment and God's holiness could not allow sin to go unpunished. Yet being loving, with a Father's love He could  not stand to just wipe out sinful man as they deserved. So there was just one option left; to take man's punishment himself.

It was short and powerful, and then they sang again, singing some song I didn't know, then Feliz Navidad.

After they left, Ryan's uncle went with them. He didn't come back for a while.

When he did he told us that they had been singing on their way back to their van, which they'd parked a few blocks away. As they were walking, suddenly people came streaming out of their houses to see. After a few songs there was a huge crowd. Then the pastor shared a simple message. Apparently there were tears streaming down faces. One woman said she had never had such a wonderful evening, though they were only there for maybe fifteen minutes. They passed out tracts, sang again, and went back to their van.

I wish I'd been there. Ryan's aunt kept saying to her husband he should have called and we'd all have come and joined them. Apparently the pastor said they'd probably come back this way because the people seem so hungry.

On this More than this Monday the week before Christmas I hope you all are having wonderful holidays. And I hope you also are taking time to dwell on the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you have accepted the gift of salvation, which Jesus bought for you at an unimaginably high cost. I hope you realize that the Most High God, who created you as a magnificent masterpiece came to this earth humbling himself where he had to have his bottom wiped by Mary, suffered not only on the cross but through the daily sufferings of mankind, yet never giving into the temptations we all face, and followed the Holy Spirit's path all the way to unbearable agony... for you. Because He loves you enough to die for you, and He wants you to have a relationship with Him. He wants to be with you always, forever and ever. He just wants you to accept Him, to believe in Him.

May God bless you all, and may faith's seed find fertile ground.

the Songs on the Way

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