Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some differences

So I have a mental backlog of about a dozen posts and have been spending very little time online because, well, I've been getting acclimated to India.

Today I thought I'd keep it light and share a few fun differences about everyday life here versus America. None of these are a big deal.

this is a cell phone charger...
which plugs into an outlet like this. That switch turns the outlet on and off.
this is a 100 rupee bill.  It is roughly the equivalent of 2 dollars.
Okay, this is my super confusing shower. It has about 6 knobs and doesn't like to shut off when I am done. It is not seperated into a stall or tub and has no curtain so when you shower the whole bathroom gets wet.
This is my "geezer". It is the hot water heater for my bathroom, which I have to turn on ten to fifteen minutes prior to showering and which only holds a small amount of hot water. I am getting the hang of it, I had a decently warm and lengthy shower last night.
This looks like an air freshener but is actually sort of like a room sized Off! fan which repels mosquitos.
This is a door key. There are also two additional latches on all outside doors.
And lastly, this maybe my favorite. Milk comes in half liter bags! 
So those are some fun, everyday differences!

I am very happy and in love. More to come!

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