Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review: Unstuck by Cole and Ross

Ironically, I was stuck on this book for a long time.

Not because I enjoyed it so much or because I hated it, but because it failed to ever capture me and I kept setting aside.

Much of what is said in it I actually agree with, and I especially liked reading the testimonies the authors share about themselves and people they know. Basically, Unstuck is about how reading the Bible can spiritually awaken numb or nominal Christians. The authors use themselves as examples, and I heartily agree with the sentiment. It represents real Truth. That being said, in the book's emphasis on the Bible it downplayed or even put down other spiritual disciplines (prayer, fellowship, etc.). I have met 'Christians' who worship the Bible, not the Lord, and this book leans uncomfortably in that direction, though I don't think the authors are of that ilk. But it makes me wary because while I know Bible reading to be an essential way to grow in one's relationship to God (hence why I'm planning to start a Bible in 90 days reading challenge at the end of the month, which you should all come join!) I also think the emphasis needs to be on relating to God, not relating to the Bible.

Also, the authors kept selling their website and resources. I am sure they are nice, though I don't know because I didn't check them out, but they promoted it pretty much at least twice every chapter. It made the book feel like a starter manual for their online program instead of an independent book.

Despite my criticisms, I could see recommending this book to someone genuinely interested in the topic. So if you think you want to buy this book, I am not trying to say you should not. But I think there are better books out there. I didn't hate this book or love it. It was really just mediocre.

I received this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

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