Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Call for Bible Challenge

Hey blog! I have had many posts in my head but blogging took a baxk seat to life. It still will, actually, but I wanted to put a call out there for those who would like to join the Bible in 90 days challenge starting the 31st. I did it last year and am hosting it this year. It takes you through the entire Bible in three months. It is intense, but good. We will encourage each other. Consider joining me. Comment or email me for more information.


  1. How much time per day do you estimate will be needed to keep up with the challenge?

  2. I guess that depends on your reading speed. This is the first week. I do admit some days take longers than others (ie it's harder to read lists of genealogy than a psalm). There are also two free days, so there's some grace. :)
    1: Ge 1:1 Ge 16:16
    □ 2: Ge 17:1 Ge 28:19
    □ 3: Ge 28:20 Ge 40:11
    □ 4: Ge 40:12 Ge 50:26
    □ 5: Ex 1:1 Ex 15:18
    □ 6: Ex 15:19 Ex 28:43
    □ 7: Ex 29:1 Ex 40:38

  3. It looks really challenging. But, "the sluggard willeth and willeth not, but the soul of them that work shall be made fat."

    So, deep breath, count me in! My email is expathousewife at gmail dot com


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