Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The No Good Rotten Etc Day and a Half

We are not keeping Nellie, the dog we got on Saturday.

I cried a lot yesterday. The first day she moped because she missed her foster mom, the second day she was delightful. Then she started growling.

She has dominant tendencies and needs a strong, firm, and calm approach to deal with her. I had that and we're doing great. Ryan has it pretty much down and she respects him. But the rest of the household doesn't and are backing down to her challenges. This creates friction and makes the behavior worse. They are scared. We tried training in consult with her foster mom and decided she is just not a good fit for us. She needs a stronger and probably smaller family.

Then I find out that our pet cat Slushy died back in the US. And my sister's cat may have cancer. And my mom is having mysterious hives due to an unknown allergy that got so bad she needed a shot. And our cooking maid quits with no notice halfway through the day. And Ryan and my dad have colds. And my camera isn't working. And my grandparents were extremely sick (though recovering.)

And then I hear something that blows all this out of the water. A friend's father died.

I'm asking prayers for all of this. Love to you all.

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