Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

So I have some stuff to share this Wedding Wednesday!

As I've mentioned before we're going to have a court ceremony before the church ceremony. Not only would it be weird to wear a wedding gown to court, I also won't have the funds cleared to buy my gown yet. So I decided I'd wear a sari.

I've wanted to get a sari since I came to India, but I hadn't yet, so it was perfect. It was something I meant to get, so no extra money being sent, and I had an excuse to move up the sari purchase in the order of importance.

My sari!
So Ryan and I went to buy saris the other day. And I found a lovely one that's just perfect to be bridal for an amazing price!

Isn't it just beautiful? I have to get my blouse and petticoat made up to wear it, but I have time.

In other news, we ordered both wedding bands, and Ryan's has arrived. Mine is still in transit. (I haven't taken a photo of his yet, but I'll take one for next week when mine arrives.)

Hope all of you are well. Things here are... interesting. That's what I feel I can share at the moment. Love to you all.


  1. I love wearing saris! Yours look beautiful. Where I lived, the tailors could whip up a blouse in an hour--it was pretty amazing. But they also made us stand in the middle of the shop and take measurements for our blouse with everyone in the shop watching and giving input on what sort of neckline it ought to have and how long the sleeves and bodice should be...that was somewhat awkward

  2. Pretty! My wedding sari was red, too :) I love shopping for saris, too. It's like being a kid in a candy store. Fun times!


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