Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yarn Along

I finished the scarf I told you about my last yarn along and gave it to my future father-in-law, Henry, for Christmas. He wore it to the New Year's Eve party, so hopefully that means he likes it. (I haven't taken a new pic of it, but since it's solid color you can pretty much tell what it looks like from my last post.)

Unfortunately, I am out of yarn. So I figured I could post this yarn along since I hadn't yet told you about completing the scarf, but I won't be yarn-ing along again until I find a yarn shop. I know there's some around since I saw that pallet of yarn being shipped on the back of a cycle, but where it is? I don't know...

I haven't been entirely void of creative outlet though. I did a pet portrait of Ryan's aunt's family pet for Christmas as well.

Now I've started a landscape in the park, but I'll show you the finished version when I get to it.

As far as books go, I've been reading on my Nook mainly. I love taking of free reads and scour it regularly. Today I finished one I purchased though, Living Abroad in India. My grandmother got it for me before I left. It's a good one. I also have been looking at cookbooks, but not really taking advantage of any yet. I'm also working on a book for a book review, which I am woefully behind on.

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