Monday, February 18, 2013

More than this Monday (B90 Check In)

Hello all!

As far as the Bible in 90 days is going, I am on target again. I'm about halfway through Monday's readings, which is good because here in India I am halfway through Monday.

Judges is a really depressing book. It'll be over soon though and I'll get to read Ruth today, which is nicer.

The Lord's been really good to me this week. It's been crazy up and down with the wedding planning, and I was in a really bad state last week. But God has encouraged me through His people, comforted me through His praise, and sustained me through His Word. I'm not perfect and have had need of His Grace.

I had a really great birthday which I'll be posting about soon. I've completed another year with the Lord.

How has your week gone? For my B90-ers (that's awkward to say aloud) how has the readings gone? Any insights from the Lord?

the Songs on the Way


  1. new follower from the hop! Hope you will return the favor..

  2. Checking in! Sorry for the late check in- had a sick toddler who took priority over the internet.

    I read up through Ruth only because I wanted to smoosh 1Sa in together the next day. New day, new book kind of thing. It was only 3 chapters anyway so in my head it seemed a better idea. Sooo, that puts me on target! :)


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