Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

My Valentine's Day Stash

It's Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day.

The first reason is it's just a few days before my birthday. That always made me love it as a kid because it was practically birthday eve.

Secondly, I love chocolate.

Third, I love the story of St. Valentine. Do you know it? You should. Yes, modern day Valentine's is silly and crass in the way most people celebrate it. But St. Valentine was pretty inspiring. The crazy ruler had issued a decree that soldiers couldn't marry so they couldn't be distracted from warring and St. Valentine obeyed God's command to uphold the sanctity of marriage and married couples anyway. He was killed for it, and is a martyr.

So really, Valentine's Day is about marriage and God's love. Not so much for dating couples and fornication.

Next year I'll get to spend my first married Valentine's, yay!

I'm thankful this year is Ryan and my first Valentine's in person. I made him eggs and got him mango juice and a candy bar. He got me candy too. That was pretty much it since he works nights.

My Valentine's day tradition is to eat chocolate and watch chick flicks. Unfortunately, chick flicks seem to be rare commodities, so I'm trying to see what I can come up with now that Ryan's gone to work. I do have chocolate, but the movies I have available are pretty much not romantic or I've seen before. I'm trying to decide my course of action.

However, I'm thankful for options. :)

I'm also thankful for the simple stuff: food in my tummy, roof above my head, etc.

I'm thankful for getting a lot of laundry done. Well, I guess that's mainly being thankful to God for sending laundry happy weather. We don't have a dryer (like most Indians) so we line dry and if it's moist or not sunny you can't really do much or any laundry, but it's been sunny and dry for three or four days in a row and yesterday I got four loads done because it was drying so fast the line space kept freeing up. Today I got two done. (Normally I can get one or two done.) Ryan's mom has linens in these plastic barrels. They only moved to this apartment three weeks before I did, and with everyone working all week his mom only did laundry on the weekends, so she basically only did the clothes they needed and sheets if they needed changing. So the laundry that didn't get done prior to the move (curtains, table clothes, sheets, pillowcases, etc) has been waiting. So I've been prioritizing clothes first and trying to put the linens in as I can... If the weather cooperates I may finish it out tomorrow, and if not definitely by Tuesday (I don't do laundry on the weekends because that's when Ryan's off work and we do stuff outside the house.)

I know that's a really geeky thing to be thankful about, but it makes me feel useful.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  1. I have a February birthday as well, mine is in two weeks. A fun months!!

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