Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Not that Great Post

I am sorry I haven't been posting, I keep sitting down and just not being able to articulate and choose what to share. I am not really sure what's wrong with me, but I just feel down. It may be the chronic stress catching up with me. As my mom pointed out moving, adjusting to a new culture, getting married, all of these are stressful enough for anyone; how much more so if they happen together?

Throw in sleep that just refuses to regulate itself, living with my in-laws, and all the little things, and probably that's the culprit. I also think with the lacking normality, I haven't been able to deal with stress in the ways I normally do at home. So incredibly abnormal stress combined with less that full toolbox of coping strategies?

Sounds like it's probably the stress.

Right now I just feel worn out, but I have so much I need to do today. The plan was come home, go out and do errands, come back and then friends come over in the eveing. Instead it was come home, find out we aren't leaving until after lunch which is still in the process of being cooked... sit around until you get sleepy... eat the now ready lunch... find out we're not going out until later... watch Ryan go to sleep and try not to myself because I am *really* trying to have a good sleep schedule... play around on my phone but drift off a couple times... become startled when Ryan's mom offers tea, but enthusiastically say yes... wait for tea, almost fall asleep... finally get up and get on the computer in an attempt not to fall asleep.

So that's where we are.

Yay the tea is here! (But it's my third cup today, so it may not help me.)

Gah, I can think of so many better posts than this one that I should be posting right now. Brilliant, deep posts. But if I try to write those, even though I hear them in my head, they refuse to come out of my finger tips. So this one must be right.

Whoa-kay, I just started drifting off here at the computer desk. (Actually on Friday Ryan found me sleeping upright in the computer chair and woke me up and told me to go to bed. That was a good call.)

All in all I think this post was just not very good. Sorry. But thank you very much for reading it. Why am I posting it? Because it seems to be the post that needed to be writte.

Love to you all!

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  1. Sounds like mom is right. :D
    Find yourself a new normal - that's what I had to do in the mid-west (I know it's not a foreign land - bu trust me, it's foreign) - so I'm finding new things I like and they are becoming my new "familiar" .

    Give yourself time to de-stess.
    Peace to you.

    your favorite Aunt on your dad's side ;)


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