Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wedding Part 4

I know, it's killing you this story is taking so long to tell, right?

Well we came back to the house and the extended family and closest friends came over for a little bit. We were given some gifts and I had a glass of wine, which made me very sleepy. I was happy for that because I had been afraid that I wouldn't sleep.

Everyone was probably over for only half an hour or so and then they went home and Ryan and I went off to our separate bedrooms.

One of the gifts we'd been presented was a book called I Married You, given by Shushant and his family. I decided to try to read myself to sleep with it.

I was instantly hooked and read it all that night. (Luckily it's a thin book with only nine chapters.)

As is human nature, I was wondering why God made us wait another day...

... and of course, would we be able to get married in the morning?...

Shushant had told me a couple weeks earlier, before we ever knew this would happen, he felt that God wanted to teach me about patience.

(My very human response internally was "Really? But God, we did that already." But patience is one of those things you have learn again and again.)

As I lay in my bed alone on the night that was supposed to be my wedding night another thought came to me. Job. How Satan came to God and said that he wanted to tempt Job, and how God let him.

Ryan and I have both struggled sexually, so maybe God wanted to test us, to show His glory when we didn't sin but waited until the marriage was completed.

I don't know.

I did eventually get a handful of sleep, then had to get up. I had wanted to dress up again, but Ryan's parent's asked me not to. We were all annoyed at the government, and I had wanted them to know how dressed up I'd been for the occasion. But I just wore normal clothes. I told Ryan to show them some of the photos of us in our splendor, because I wanted them to feel bad, but we didn't actually do it.

We got there. Our lawyer was busy so she sent her brother... who was about sixteen.

India is so weird.

We pretty much immediately went in and signed our portions with the official's assistant... and then we waited.

After an hour or so, we were told that the official we needed was in the complex somewhere, "going on his rounds".

An hour or more later, we were told, no, he wasn't going to show up that day...

But we could go to his house to get it signed. Yes, seriously.

So we all piled up in the car and rode down the road. We got out of the car and were milling around with another group there for the same thing... when the assistant comes out of the house with paperwork saying the official saw us through his house's close circuit camera network and signed the paperwork.

Wait, so does that mean we're married now?


Oh. Okay.

So we got married while standing in some guy's yard.

We pile back into the car and drive back to the courthouse to get the copy of the marriage certificate... which we have now.

Then we dropped off Aveek (who was a witness) and Ryan's mom at her work, then Ryan's dad dropped us off at home for an hour and a half together before we have to leave to catch a bus for our honeymoon.

We were very much in disbelief and relief simultaneously. We don't have any courthouse pictures. So I don't have that to show you.

I know it's sort of an anticlimatic ending huh? For us too...

Only of course, it's really the beginning.

Now I'm going to take some normal days to blog in a more typical fashion, then I'll be telling you the story of my honeymoon. Yeah, it was atypical as well, of course.

Love you all!


  1. Been thinking about you. Thanks for sharing the story, so crazy!!

  2. Wow, Pam. India is wierd. :) But the important part is, it happened! Yay for that! And that you had an awesome (well, at least partially awesome) honeymoon. Can't wait to hear about it!


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