Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adoption April: Fostercare Adoption: Interview with Hannah

Hey everyone, today we're going to hear from my friend Hannah, a mommy through both foster care adoption and birth. 

Hello. Why don't you introduce yourself?

Hi.  My name is Hannah.  I write over at Sadie Mae's Mommy.  I am 26, and mama to 5; 16, 12, 3, one in heaven, and one JUST BORN.  I have fostered, adopted, and birthed.  My life is very interesting.

When did you first consider adopting?

I always felt like I wanted to adopt.  I think all children are beautiful, and wanted a rainbow family (all different colors and races); however wanting to adopt, and ACTUALLY doing it are 2 totally different things.  It was sort of a far away dream that "if we can ever afford it someday down the road" we wanted.  But when our daughter passed away after birth, we felt God nudging us to adopt more strongly than ever.  And that's when we started researching our options.

Read and listen to "Our Story" here.

Is foster adoption the only form of adoption you considered? If no, how did you arrive at deciding to adopt through foster care?

No.  2 summers ago, before we were officially licensed foster parents, we were adopting a newborn, privately (not through an agency).  However, the birth parents changed their minds.

We decided to adopt through foster care when we found out it was FREE that way!  Yes, the state will pay for the adoption, if you adopt a foster child that is placed in your home.  And for us, we felt that was God's plan for us.  We knew we couldn't afford to adopt any other way, and knew God was send us the children that were meant to be ours.

How many children have you adopted? Are you planning to adopt more?

So far, 2.  Both in 2012.  And we are always looking for more.

Read about all our adoptions here.

What have you learned about adoption during the process that you didn't know when you first approached it?

It's much easier to adopt than you think.  And there are many more children waiting for families, than families waiting for children.

How do you think adopting through foster care makes you different from other families?

When we adopt through foster care, the child is already placed in our home.  We have a period to get to know them, and bond with them, unlike many families, before the adoption takes place.

What are some key differences in experience between foster care adoption and other forms of adoption (in your opinion)?

The paperwork.  Even though there is a lot of paperwork in foster care, there is much more (I've heard) when you adopt elsewhere (especially overseas).  In foster care, you have weekly paperwork to turn in.  And most of the adoption paperwork is taken care of by your adoptions caseworker, which is nice.  

What is the most ignorant thing you've ever had happen to you/was said to you, in regards to adoption?

I am very open about our lives.  Our children will grow up knowing they were adopted (or not) and will see the beauty of God's redemption through it.  Now that I have a biological child, a lot of people say, "of you finally have one of your OWN."  I make it very clear they are all MY OWN.

What do you wish the public knew about adoption?

Do not feel sorry for adopted children.  They do not feel sorry for themselves. 

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