Monday, April 22, 2013

Bible in 90 Days Check-In, MttM, and an Apology

We're in the home stretch of the Bible in 90 days. Next Monday will be the last "normal" one
(though we'll only have like two days ahead of us, if we aren't already finished!)  I'm about to complete Acts (should have already) and the Epistles and Revelations are all that lie ahead!!

I've had a hard week. I want to apologize for all of you for barely doing Adoption April this past week. I've been having health issues. I've mentioned it a bit on my health and fitness blog, but basically last Tuesday I went to the hospital for a feminine issue. This past week I've been having tests. Mentally, I've been just not in a blogging mode. I sat down and tried many times, I just never got anything out.

For those of you anticipating Adoption April, don't worry. I have no plans to stop or delete any planned post. If Adoption April turns into Adoption May... then it does! I will complete the posts, it just may take me a little longer.

God's been moving this week though. Thinking about it, I've had three awesome encounters I'm sure God orchestrated for me... and I am so proud of my "running buddy" Tuppence (really a reading buddy, doing the B90 with me!) She was soo behind, and she has three children... she told me she was resigning herself to doing the Bible in 100 or 110 days... and she just passed me! She was in Romans last night! Way to go Tuppence!

Actually the other day when I had one of the encounters this week where God orchestrated a moment between me and another person... bad stuff was happening in my personal life. I can't really tell you about either. But honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was talk to that person, I wanted to just shut down because emotionally I was in a dark and lonely place...

But then hope arrived. And I got to do something awesome for God. And I was so glad!

So that's my deeper thing to share. Our low moments, our high moments... all for Him.

And so even though right now I don't feel up to much at all, I know the Lord can still use me. And He does. And I have a lot to talk to you all about...

It just doesn't involve adoption.

That being said, tomorrow I may be able to discuss adoption. And I'll just put what I have to give you out there. And I promise, I will complete Adoption April even if takes me to June! (I don't think it will!)

Love to you all. Can't wait to see what deep things you're reflecting on and where you are in the Bible in 90 days!

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  1. Hey that's me! You have been so encouraging- thank you!!! <3

    and for check in.... all caught up! :) :) :)


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