Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Yep, today is Ryan's birthday!

We're going to go out shortly to celebrate. This is, of course, my first birthday being celebrated with him in person, as well as our first birthday as a married couple.

For the celebration, I gave in and let him get the haircut he wants (which doesn't suit him at all) and when getting dressed to go out, I remembered he likes me better in "Western" clothes (read: American/European style, not like cowboy gear).  Lately I usually dress up in Indian style clothes because a) they're pretty and b) it's easier. Indian society both loves and hates things about Western styles and certain things are okay in certain settings and not others, and instead of worrying about all that it's just easier to wear Indian clothes most of the time. I still wear Western clothes too, just not usually when I'm going out.

And again, Indian clothes are pretty. And in many ways, more me, with their colors and such. They appeal to my inner artist.

But today I'm wearing the outfit I was wearing when I first stepped off the plane and met Ryan. :)

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