Monday, April 15, 2013

More than this Monday/Bible in 90 Days Check-In

Hey everyone!

With the Bible in 90 Days challenge I'm all caught up! I last finished Luke 9! Yay! Got about two weeks to go, and that's it!

My brain isn't really all here today. I'm just kind of scatterbrained. I keep starting tasks and then leaving them halfway through and then forty five minutes later or longer going "Oh! Right!" This isn't that uncommon for me, but consequently I'm not really sure what to talk about for More than this Monday. I also haven't finished part two of the foster care thing... but I think I may share the interview I have in a little bit, so that I am not too many days behind in Adoption April.

Sorry this is abbreviated.

Yesterday Ryan and I went to a marriage seminar, which was really good. I love him very much and I want us to set a good foundation for our marriage while we're still newlyweds. I think I'll go spend some time with him before he leaves for work. Love you all and looking forward to reading where you are!

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