Sunday, June 23, 2013


So Monsoon season arrived.

It started with a heavy rain (could it start with anything else?) Ryan was sleeping and I had the main door open (screen door closed) and heard it start. It sounded like wet hail (which it kind of was.) I went outside and the wind was blowing it right into my face. The angle of the wind had it coming into my balcony. My neighbors across the street all came out on their balconies too. Kids were laughing and dancing around in the street. Indians get very happy about monsoon season because it marks the end of the of the very hot and oppressive summer. That's right, Americans, your summer is just starting and mine is ending. Weird, huh?

Plus, if the rains get really bad, you can't go to work/school. So it's sort of like snow days in America.

I smiled, but didn't really like getting the rain in my face. So I came back inside and closed the door and sat down to watch a tv show on the computer.

Forty something minutes when it finished I decided to go see how the world had changed, and stood up...


Water, blown by the wind, had come into my apartment! Like 8 feet into my apartment!

Luckily a giant squeegee you use like a broom is standard Indian equipment (I don't know what the Indian name for it is, actually, they look at me like I've sprouted wings when I call it a squeegee) so I used that to get the water out.

It had only rained for maybe half an hour, since I could tell that the roads were already starting to dry.

Half an hour, and it had come in eight feet?

I mentioned this to Ryan before I went to bed, and it didn't rain over night.

the ridge that was installed
The next morning Ryan and I just weren't thinking about it, we were intensely focused on something else going on, and we left our apartment, intending to return in a few hours.

However, it was Father's Day, so instead we ended up taking Ryan's dad (and mom and grandmother) out for lunch.. and while we were eating it started raining.


And Ryan and I turned to each other and basically said we hoped it wasn't flooding at home and darn, we should have thought and stuck a towel under the door... but didn't panic.

Then we went to leave... and saw the flooding...

In the parking garage, it looked like scene from Titanic... water flooding down the stairs like a waterfall. When we came out, the street was several feet deep in some place!

We went straight to our apartment... to find the entire living room, kitchen, and part of the bedroom were filled with water.

Blessedly, the rain stopped within a couple minutes of arriving. Helped by Ryan's parents, we used the squeegee thing, mop, and floor rags to get the water up.
our rolling up and down wind and rain guard

Then they went out and bought a tarp to block the water from getting. We hung it from the bottom
of our upstairs neighbor's balcony and tied it to our railing. It acted as a wind and rain screen and kept the majority of the rain from getting into our balcony. What did get in, we blocked with a towel shoved against the bottom of the door.

We contacted our landlord and a few days ago he ended up installing a little ridge coming up from the floor across the door frame bottom. It's only like an inch or less tall, so it may not be that much work, but we don't know because it honestly it hasn't rained since they installed it.

We got a better system than the tarp installed (we hope, though rain hasn't tested it.) It's sort of like a waterproof roman shades system for our balcony, so we can roll it up and down.

The rains will come.

This time we will be ready.

(We hope. Haha.)

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