Friday, June 21, 2013

Of Kittens and Adjusting and Blog Planning

I'm finally feeling myself settling, adjusting in.

Spiritually, I'm feeling my "leaves grow back" after being pruned. Culture shock wise, I'm being optimistic about positive possibilities. It's probably not a secret I've not adjusted well, but I feel like I'm seeing hope about finding a place here.

kittens in a box... classic
I've been decorating, which has been fun. I've also been focusing on my art again, trying to decide what project I should be working on. I've also started pursuing music through a free crash course for two weeks. I also am looking more seriously into writing. I won't be able to legally work here in India for two years, but in my ex pat group there's been an ad for a content writer that looks perfect for me. It's frustrating I can't apply, but it occurred to me that if I'm confident that's the direction I'll be looking for jobs when I am eligible to work, I should use this time to beef up my writing resume so I'm more likely to get that kind of job when I can apply for them.

My kittens are, of course, adorable. Right now they are licking my toes!

The monsoon has started, which I need to upload photos about. Even so, it started then stopped, and blessedly we've had a few dry days in a row. This is especially welcome because Ryan and I don't have an indoor drying rack or a washer, so when it was pouring I couldn't dry clothes. I'm catching up on my back logged laundry, plus we ordered a drying rack we found on sale that *should* arrive today so if it rains tomorrow, I'm prepared!

Monsoon season wasn't supposed to start to July, but weather doesn't generally follow the rules. It was crazy because our apartment flooded... but I'll do a post on that by itself!

I've been painting the couch... which sounds funny. But our couch, which was graciously given to us by Ryan's parents, has a wooden frame with carved panels. I've been painting the carvings to make them pop and give them more character. Eventually we plan on replacing the cushion fabric, which is getting worn, and when we do that it'll look like a brand new sofa set and that will be fun.

I have another post coming up where I will share my decorated apartment. I'm usually busy over the weekend, so that will probably be Monday.

I am planning on, as soon as I complete this post, writing one on the monsoon though. And if I finish that, I'll write another one (picking between two subjects.) And I"m going to try to do that... if I get in a writing mood, write at least two posts. That way if there's droughts between writing spells, I can space completed drafts out. I used to do that, but have lost the habit.

See you again soon!

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  1. Looking forward to reading about the mansoon and also seeing pics of your decorated condo. Carol


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