Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sabzi and Schedules

So today I cooked sabzi (vegetables)... I was cutting up all these veggies we had in the fridge to make a big mixed pot. I cut it all up, except for a few withered things I had to throw out and some garlic and onions which didn't need to be used before they go bad due to their long shelf life. We only have three small pots (each smaller than the one before) and I filled up the largest and medium ones. I was definitely, determinedly going to have leftovers.

I keep cooking thinking I have enough for two meals for both Ryan and I... but I never do. I often have a serving left over for one of us, but not both. Part of this is an underestimation of ingredients on my part. Part of this is that fact that my husband keeps eating too much.

Today I was bound and determined there would be leftovers!

But then when I was staring at the pots of veggies, before I added the sabzi masala (vegetable spice mix) I thought, "We might get really bored eating the same thing too much."

And I had a brilliant (I hope) idea.

I spiced them differently! In the big pot I put the sabzi masala, plus a little extra tumeric, parsley and rosemary. In the smaller part I put pau bhaji masala (even though it's not pau bhaji.. but how bad can it be?) plus some coriander. They both cooked well.

Then I had to make rotis (a type of Indian flatbread). Normally I made parathas, but they're a little more complicated and at this point with chopping the vegetables, pre-boiling the potatoes, crackling the jeera and sauteing the onion and garlic, I had been in the kitchen for over an hour. I was getting hungry, so I asked Ryan to make lassi... with the overripe kiwi I didn't want to have to throw out.

Ryan thought lassi (basically like an Indian smoothie, a yogurt based drink) with kiwi was a bizarre combination, but he did it. It was pretty good, and I drank it while I flipped the rotis in the pan.

We had enough of the sabzi masala pot to both eat dinner and put some in a snap top container for Ryan to take to work. He just left a few minutes ago. We also some that I will be putting on a plate with some rotis to take a picture for you which if it goes as plan you'll have already seen at the top of this blog post. Haha. It'll also be for me in a few hours when I'm hungry again.

I put the pau bhaji masala dish in the freezer and we'll have it tomorrow or Friday, depending on if we decide to do something else tomorrow.

Why am I making a post about what I'm cooking? Well partially I think some of you will find it interesting. One of most common questions I got ask by people back home when I first arrived was "How is the food?"

But mainly it's just kind of showing you what is occupying my days. I'm kind of a housewife now. Okay, I am a housewife. I just hate cleaning, so I am not a great one. Later tonight (nights are my days, I'm on my night shift husband's schedule for the most part. Life is easier that way) I will be deep cleaning the kitchen: scrub the counters, backsplash, clean the stove, clean the inside of the microwave, clean out the fridge, sweep and mop, and reorganize the bottom cabinets which have become dissarrayed primarily from my husband not really knowing (or asking) where anything goes and just putting random stuff in random places. I also need to change the litter in the litter boxes and sweep the bathroom.

Yesterday I did three loads of laundry, did a sink load of dishes by hand, filled the water bottles (our water isn't drinkable from the tap, so we have to fill up liter water bottles from our strong water filter), and cleaned up the bedroom. Plus a cursory cleaning of the living room. Oh, and my washing machine started having drainage issues and I had to some (literal) heavy lifting on that.

It's all engrossing and time consuming. And not my cup of tea, really. I don't really mind cooking, except I (literally) have drops of sweat rolling down my nose every two or three minutes it's so hot in the kitchen while I cook. There is no ceiling fan or AC in there, though I do keep the exhaust fan on. It gets sweltering.

Is that all that's going on in my life? No. I'm actually taking a music course in the evenings. It's a two week, 8 session crash course. There's two sessions left on Thursday and Friday, I'm looking forward to it. It might continue past that, though not in a four a week format. We'll see.

If you follow my health and fitness blog, Meaningful Activity, you'll have seen that I am launching a year long fitness challenge on July 1st. It's actually designed to be very approachable and not daunting. I've got a few people signed up, but we'd love more. You can get details here.

And before you leave the blog today, you should vote on my poll in the top left corner about what I  should focus on blogging about... I have a lot of ideas and want to know what you guys want to read.

Another task on the agenda today is making a calendar for July. I am going to be meal planning, blog planning, workout planning, even planning cleaning. I probably won't finish today, but I think I need to do it... in a very relaxed Pam way. I don't really do schedules so "do a workout at 2pm on July 10th" isn't going to work. But having "workout" sometime during July 10th is probably okay.

I hope it sticks. Whenever I make calendars like this it works... for a day. Maybe two. Haha.

Well I've primarily stuck to a blogging schedule before. But it's been a while. But considering how few posts I did in May and this month as well, I definitely need to go back to that!

So... in summary: Vote in the poll. Sign up for a year with me on my health blog, if you're in.

Love you all!


  1. Your Sabzi looks good!
    My neighbor (who is Indian) is over here at the moment and she agreed!

  2. That looks great! Can you share the recipe for the roti? Thanks!

  3. As an American who is married to someone of Indian descent (his parents are Indian), I thought I'd share this article - it really made me think (I know you are married but it's always good to think about things even after the moment):

  4. And this is my fav place to find recipes:


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