Friday, July 26, 2013

The Allergy Saga Update

My hives were driving me crazy, but weren't too bad. I was trying to figure out what in the world
was triggering them, and getting nowhere because everytime they'd happen I'd be doing different things.

Then one early evening after Ryan got home from work we decided to head out to the shopping center. And after we'd left home about two minutes, walking down the road, my scalp starting that prickling feeling I'd come to associate with the hives getting worse.

"Maybe it's environmental!" I said, turning to Ryan. What I meant, of course, is that it was possibly pollen or dust or something else out in the environment. That made sense, because due to the heat (and the fact that we're not rich enough to use climate control all the time) we have windows open all the time. So that's why I'd suddenly get hives in the bathroom... or kitchen... or living room. Less so in the living room, since while our windows were open, we usually had curtains hanging down that probably filtered out some.

My clothes line set-up.
Then a few days after I figured this out, miracle of miracle, my hives started fading. The most persistant hives I'd had were on my arm, and they all but disappeared. Unfortunately the hives that were the most annoying, the ones on my face, were not fading so easily...

Then I got around to doing laundry.

Between my fatigue and the fickle weather of monsoon season, combined with the fact that our drying rack is not working right so we have to hang out clothes out to wash, we're way, way behind in laundry.

So I was sorting through the laundry trying to get together a good load... and I felt that prickling feeling. STRONG.

At first I freaked out what weird possibilities it might be... then of course, it hit me it was the same thing. Obviously our clothes had picked up whatever particles I'm allergic to and keeping it in the house. It's likely pollen, though possibly a pollutant. One time in Simpsonville, SC I visited a park and my throat starting closing up. My friend was so freaked out. It turned out that the river that flowed through park had a company dumping chemicals in upriver, so sadly I could never go to that park.

So now I needed to wash all our piled up clothes, I can't just do a load at a time as needed... though I can only do so much due to limited drying space and a temperamental water supply (we're always running out of water mid-cycle. So annoying.)

Additionally, I should probably get the other cloth elements in our house washed or at least beaten outside to get the dust out of it as much as possible.

I do think that if it's a pollen the flower is either not blooming now or it's nearly over. I'm pretty much hive free, though not 100% yet. I've gotten about half the pile of laundry taken care of, but due to like rain in the past few days and such, it's been slow going. I changed our bed sheets and beat our pillows, but I haven't gotten around to doing like the couch yet.

So I'm definitely on the mend. Yay!

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